The Art Of Loss
Redemption - The Art Of Loss
Titre :
The Art Of Loss
Groupe :
Sortie : 2016
Label : Metal Blade Records
Format : CD
Genre : Metal progressif
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  • The Art of Loss (featuring Simone Mularoni and Chris Poland)
  • Slouching Towards Bethlehem (featuring Simone Mularoni and Chris Poland)
  • Damaged (featuring Marty Friedman)
  • Hope Dies Last (featuring Chris Poland)
  • That Golden Light
  • Thirty Silver (featuring Chris Poland, Marty Friedman, and Chris Broderick)
  • The Center of the Fire (featuring Chris Poland)
  • Love Reign o'er Me (The Who cover; featuring John Bush and Chris Poland)
  • At Day's End (featuring Chris Poland and Simone Mularoni)
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