Marillion - F.E.A.R.
Titre :
Groupe :
Sortie : 2016
Label : Racket Records
Format : CD
Genre : Néo-progressif
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  • El Dorado (i) Long-Shadowed Sun
  • El Dorado (ii) The Gold
  • El Dorado (iii) Demolished Lives
  • El Dorado (iv) F E A R
  • El Dorado (v) The Grandchildren of Apes
  • Living in F E A R
  • The Leavers (i) Wake Up in Music
  • The Leavers (ii) The Remainers
  • The Leavers (iii) Vapour Trails in the Sky
  • The Leavers (iv) The Jumble of Days
  • The Leavers (v) One Tonight
  • White Paper
  • The New Kings (i) Fuck Everyone and Run
  • The New Kings (ii) Russia’s Locked Doors
  • The New Kings (iii) A Scary Sky
  • The New Kings (iv) Why Is Nothing Ever True?
  • The Leavers (vi) Tomorrow’s New Country
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