2017-06-12 - Un suite à The Book
12/06/2017 - Un suite à The Book
2017-06-12 - Un suite à The Book
Un suite à The Book

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 12/06/2017

Marek Arnold annonce qu'il y aura une suite concept album de 2011 de Seven Steps To The Green Door, The?Book. Il devrait sortir début 2018 avec un peu de chance. On y retrouvera en invité Luke Machin et d'autres invités surprise.

"Great news for all our friends and fans - after great success of our conzept album "THE?BOOK" in 2011 we started working constantly on a continuation of it`s story and music.
Together with the author of the Storybook of "THE?BOOK", Thoralf Koss, we were developing a thrilling sequel, which he brought to life now - und starting end of 2016 already, we are working on the music.
Ulf und me wrote most of the compositions again , and now we are already working on the vocal parts with Lars and Sören. Our live guitarist Stephan und former ssttgd guitar player "Eddy" Gemeinhardt already joined us in rehearsing room adding nice ideas and licks and will do so next weeks, too.
Furthermore we are looking forward to a especially amazing collaboration: my friend and band mate at "Damanek" , british guitar wizard Luke Machin ( "Maschine" / "Tangent" ) will be joining us for one week in germany starting end of june, helping us on the development of last arrangements and compositions.
And of course our "remaining" main guitar player Martin Schnella will again add amazing guitars, bass parts and vocal arrangements to the final recordings, too.
Last but not least - beside our female ( Anne, Jana ) and male ( Lars, Sören ) singers there will be some amazing guests on the album, again... but we don`t want to give away last secrets ;)
Marek / ssttgd"
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