17/05/2012 - Tim quitte Effloresce
Tim quitte Effloresce

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 17/05/2012

Tim, le guitariste du groupe Effloresce, quitte le groupe.
Voici son message en anglais :

Dear friends,
this is definitely not easy for me, but due to a couple of changes in my professional and private surroundings I am forced to leave the band.
The changes are: I will be finishing university in June and will start the training period as a teacher in September. This period brings with it horrendous amounts of work and I will most likely have to move to another area. During the last months, I have already had to pull back the throttle on my band activities due to exam preparations. I was not able to put the energy and time into the band that I should have – and that the band would have deserved. Nobody wants to rest on the laurels of “Coma Ghosts”, right? And since I do not want the band to lose pace now that things are going so great, I sat down with the others a while ago and had “the talk”. We discussed options in a friendly atmosphere and agreed on a solution that everyone was fine with. The result of this agreement will be displayed shortly! I don’t want to give too much away, but we already have someone who is currently learning our songs and who is just as passionate about music as me. Thankfully, the band got me involved in the search for a replacement and I can only say this much: He rocks! It was extremely important for me to help in making a smooth transition since I know how much the band lives off of every member giving their fullest and how much the guys and gal have deserved that the band stays on the path of success that we’ve been on since the release of “Coma Ghosts”! I am sincerely proud to have been a part of this band for 3 years, during which we’ve accomplished so much, and I’m proud of every gig we’ve played and every song we’ve written and recorded. I am really thankful that I was able to go along this very important part of the way.
We are going to rock out together one last time on June 16th at the MUZ club in Nuremberg – together with Adjust the Sun, where I played guitar before joining Effloresce. This night will be special in many ways, so please do all come along and see us in our current line-up this last time – and probably with a very special guest on board!

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